DJ Andy Austin
origin (or-i-jin) noun: the point at which something begins or rises or from which it derives.

Andy Austin is, and always will be, and entertainer by heart, choice, and trade. Born and raised in Dallas by parents Dean and Charlotte, he performed his first wedding reception at age fifteen. Self-taught and self-trained in the beginning, he has since taken training in public speaking, improv, script writing, producing, and master of ceremony skills, so that he can bring originality to your reception.

Have you ever been to a reception that had no energy, no uniqueness, and no creativity? Not with Andy Austin.


exhibit (ig-zib-it) verb: to present for others to see.

It would be unthinkable to expect anyone to feel comfortable hiring exceptional entertainment without having access to video footage that showcases his or her talents.

Have you ever witnessed a bad DJ/MC at a wedding? That’s probably because they never requested video footage before hiring that person. Not with Andy Austin…he has plenty to share.


Andy Austin has Proof
Andy Austin is Experienced
Experience (ik-speer-ee-uhns) verb: a performance that interacts and engages with you.

Andy Austin has created a unique reception experience by incorporating live musicians that compliments his unmatched ability to pack a dance floor. You want real drum and bass for your favorite music? A horn section that dances with your guests? Strings for your ceremony? Mariachi’s for cocktail hour? Andy Austin has access to the best musicians available.

Have you ever been to a reception where every moment was predictable? Not with Andy Austin.


(stuh-bil- i-tee) noun: Continuance without change; steadfastness.

Unlike making a movie, weddings offer no opportunities for a second or third take. Everything is going to need to work correctly the first time. Andy Austin brings the tools necessary to ensure a packed dance floor, while still allowing for comfortable conversations between your guests.

Have you ever been to a reception where it was too loud to hear the person next to you, or it simply sounded like s#*t? Not with Andy Austin.


Andy Austin is Steadfast
Andy Austin wears Many Hats
multiplicity (mul-ti-‘pli-se-te) noun: the number of components in an arrangement.

More than just a DJ, Andy is known for wearing many hats (sometimes literally). His additional responsibilities include serving as your producer and spokesperson who will keep your guests informed and connected to your evening, communicating with your team of wedding pros behind the scenes to keep everything moving smoothly, music mixer, lighting designer, sound engineer, and all-around trouble-shooter.

Have you ever been to a reception where the guests had no idea what was going on, and apparently neither did the DJ? Not with Andy Austin.


execution (ek-si-kyu-shun) noun: the act or mode or result of performance.

Andy Austin’s approach is attentive yet unobtrusive, sensitive and enthusiastic, while creating a meaningful reception for you and your guests. He will take the time to learn everything about you and your fiancé including your opinions and priorities. Learning from each performance, he will play a vital role in helping you to create a truly unique and personalized experience.

Have you ever been to a reception that doesn’t match the bride and groom’s personality? Not with Andy Austin.


Andy Austin's Execusion is Perfect.
Andy Austin maintains Harmony.
harmony (har-mu-ne) noun: pleasing or congruent arrangement of components.

Andy Austin understands how much time and energy you have spent on crafting the look and feel of your reception. Ted Baker suits with pocket squares to match your color palette, custom DJ booth facade with tufted fabric panels lined with candles, Andy dresses himself and his equipment to blend in with your wedding décor.

Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ and their set-up stood out like a “DJ at wedding?” Not with Andy Austin.


vocal (vo-kul) adjective: exercising the power of expressing oneself freely.

Even though most weddings have toasts, most people giving the toasts are not as prepared or as confident as they should be. In addition to helping you choose who will speak at your wedding, Andy Austin will also help them write a polished and succinct (a.k.a. short) speech. And to help them be as successful as possible, he will ensure that the room is ready and eager to hear what they have to say.

Have you ever heard a best man’s speech that went on and on … and is still going? Not with Andy Austin.


Andy Austin maintains flow.
Andy Austin has Purpose
purpose (pur-pus) noun: something set up as an object or end to be attained.

A wedding reception is the first party that you will host as a married couple. When it’s done right, your guests will want to dance and celebrate. They won’t want the night to end. And they will be telling you for years afterwards that yours was the wedding they remember the most. Andy Austin is honored to be a creative participant in making that your reality.

Have you ever been to a wedding that felt like every other wedding? And the guests left early? I mean, even before the cake? Not with Andy Austin.


studio (stoo-de-o) noun: an artists workshop.

Every couple begins with a blank canvas. How do you end up with a work of art? Several consults to discuss your vision, your values, your style, and your story. Whether you’re comfortable meeting at your venue, Andy’s office, or over a glass of wine at Veritas (do you prefer red or white?), Andy Austin will take the time to help you create a fun, stylish, and entertaining evening.

Have you ever seen the on-line planners that most DJs use that create cookie cutter receptions? Not with Andy Austin.


Andy Austin's Studio
Andy Austin is Value
value (val-yoo) noun: the amount of money that something is worth.

Until Andy Austin knows exactly what you need, and you know exactly what he can do for you, price has no meaning. Nothing Andy does is average. His client’s say he’s the best. And the best is usually also the most expensive. But, his client’s have also said that his prices were very affordable. Especially when considering the highly personalized services he provides and his proven capability of delivering exactly what his clients have always wanted … a great party!

Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ probably threw in a photo booth and up-lighting for free, but it turned out the DJ was the one that should have been free? Not with Andy Austin.


genuine (jen-yoo- in) Adjective: authentic; real; not counterfeit or clichéd.

Andy Austin style as your master of ceremonies is natural and charismatic, without the use of clichés (“at this time”, “big round of applause”, “ladies and gentleman”, etc.), because he knows how to effectively enlist your guests in supporting the success of your reception. Thoughtless, repetitive phrases give your guests an opportunity to start tuning out. Simply put, he creates an atmosphere where your guests want to be apart of the evening, instead of telling them to do so.

Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ sounded like he should be announcing the monster truck show, or the safety instructions for an airline? Not with Andy Austin.


Andy Austin is Genuine
Andy Austin's Christmas Party
party (pahr-tee) noun: a social gathering, as of invited guests at a private venue, for conversation, refreshments, and entertainment.

Andy Austin hosts an annual Christmas Party for the wedding and event industry, in addition to his personal clients, with over 1000 people in attendance. This year marks the 23rd Annual, and the date is December 11, 2016, and the theme is TBD! Take a look from year’s past…



Our future daughter-in- law has wanted Andy Austin to be the DJ at her wedding since 8th grade – 9 years later he DJ’d her wedding and he was everything she promised! He was the most engaging, entertaining, involved DJ I have ever seen, he kept our large crowd entertained and dancing the entire night! He met with the bride and groom prior to the event and was in contact with all “active” participants prior to also. The evening was seamless, he took care of every detail . It was an awesome event, many thanks to the best DJ ever – Andy Austin.Marianne
Andy Austin is the best you can get. He does it all. Words can hardly express our thanks to him for the amazing job he did at our wedding. He kept everyone on the dance floor with great music. He included all the aspects that we wanted at the reception with perfect flow. He helped us choose the music based on the atmosphere we wanted to create. He is a true professional. We will never forget our party thanks to him and his team.Morgan
Andy MADE our wedding!!! Not only did he play amazing music that got the crowd out on the floor the whole night (including people that claim they don’t dance), he just nailed the intros,and every speaking bit – he was a fantastic emcee for the night, and people all night kept mentioning to us how fun he was. Andy seriously made the night what it was – a nonstop party for everyone from 21 to 80. I am so, so happy with our night, we are thrilled we hired him. Having such fab entertainment in turn made our video so much more fun and wonderful – I’ve not seen our pics yet, but I imagine it will be the same with photos. People had a ball and Andy was key. He was so interested in asking the questions to tailor the night to us, our wedding party, he really cared about making the night a blast. Hire him immediately!!!Anne
I used Andy Austin for my wedding this past September. He was well worth every penny!! Not only did he make sure everything was running smoothly he made me feel at ease about everything. He has been by far the best dj/mc I have ever seen. My guests are still talking about how fun our wedding was and its all thanks to Andy!Chelsi
I am a control freak by nature, and I’m in media for my career. So the entertainment for our wedding was a high priority for me. From the first phone conversation I had with Andy, I knew I could let go and that he would run my wedding so I could just enjoy the evening. And that’s exactly what happened. The night was flawless, and we owe it all to Andy. He and I spent a lot of time together before the wedding talking about music and special dances and bridal party intros, etc. He’s so professional, so easy to get along with, and I really felt like I had his full attention at all times. Worth every penny.Casey
ANDY IS THE BEST!! We got so many compliments about how great our DJ was. Our wedding had about 150 people with about 50 people under 30. Andy was able to even get my grandma on the dance floor and everyone had a ball. He did a great job with the edits of our songs and was just a blast. He orchestrated the whole night and really worked with my husband and I to plan out the night and make it work just how we wanted. I loved that Andy came and asked us if people requested some strange songs (my Dad requested “Hello” by Adele) and just made the whole night great!Jennifer
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